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Instagram and TikTok: the rivalry that hides a beautiful complementarity

TikTok or a lightning-fast arrival

Brands are finding it hard to ignore this platform due to its engagement rates. Users spend an average of 95 minutes a day on TikTok, nearly twice as long as on Instagram or Facebook, three times as long as on Twitter, and four times as long as on Snapchat.

TikTok offers several advantages for corporate communication. It provides a wider reach, allowing businesses to engage with a large and diverse audience. The platform’s emphasis on authenticity and creativity enables brands to showcase their personality and tell compelling stories. TikTok’s viral potential can quickly increase brand visibility and reach. Participating in trends and challenges helps generate buzz and exposure. Collaborating with influencers amplifies brand messaging to targeted audiences. Direct engagement features allow for interactive communication with users. Advertising opportunities on TikTok enable targeted reach. Understanding the platform dynamics and user preferences is crucial for effective corporate communication on TikTok.

How has Instagram adapted?

Instagram has tried to compete with TikTok by bringing updates to resemble the latter, but without curbing TikTok’s progress. However, users generally prefer the original to the opportunistic and less successful copy. It is therefore important to recognize the differences between the two platforms.

It’s still not wise to focus solely on TikTok when predicting a drop in Instagram, as Instagram remains popular and users don’t seem to be abandoning it despite the changes. Instead, brands need to understand the subtleties and complementarities between the two networks, leveraging the aesthetics and inspiration of Instagram and the authenticity and storytelling of TikTok.

Using both will be your best communication choice.

Instagram is ideal for aesthetic and inspirational content, while TikTok promotes authenticity and spontaneity. Therefore, editorial approaches must be tailored to each network.

It’s in the brands’ best interest to consider Instagram and TikTok as complementary platforms and to surround themselves with specialists to create adapted and relevant content on each of them, by their strategy and social network culture.

This is an opportunity for brands to enrich their communication and ambitions in their market, rather than an additional headache in a fragmented and complex digital landscape.

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