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In an era where consumers have never been hungrier for reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, influence marketing is the digital marketing strategy for promoting your hotel or villa and driving direct bookings.

But choosing the right person to work with out of millions of content creators and getting the return that you are looking for is a time-consuming challenge. In a relatively new type of accomodation marketing without any rules or benchmarks, 1Fluencer shows you the way.

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How moderation works


Influencers go through a moderation system where their content and engagement rate is controlled before they join the platform.​
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A control of the profiles and contents is carried out throughout the year​
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Updates are made regularly to offer you the best travel influencers for your future collaborations​
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Next level of influence marketing

1Fluencer doesn’t only identify influencers on the Internet. It gives you important metrics about engagement on main social networks

Connect with a vetted travel community

Connect with a global, vetted community of 350+ travel influencers. All travel influencers are evaluated before they are allowed to join our community. We scan for real followers and engagement.

Find the perfect match for your brand

Use our advanced search filters to find the perfect content creator to promote your hotel or region. Get insights into travel plans, reach, engagement rate and other metrics of travel influencers.

Keep track of all your collaborations

The use of collaborations is what makes us different. It provides you with every element you need to set up, manage and track successful influencer marketing campaigns in the same dashboard.

Interactive social resource workflow

Expert or beginner in influence marketing? Create you first experience by contacting the most important content creators that will make your property famous and well-know by your audience worldwide.

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