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Generation Z: What do they really like?

Have you heard about Generation Z? This generation, born between 1997 and 2012, encompasses a segment of the population with attitudes and values that largely differ from millennials and earlier generations.

What are their characteristics? How does Generation Z relate to brands? What strategies can you leverage to engage this audience?

We explain it all in our article.

What are the characteristics of Generation Z?

When referring to Generation Z, it is essential to consider, first and foremost, that it is the first generation entirely composed of digital natives.

Consequently, Zoomers have never known a world without the internet. Therefore, this generation is constantly connected and uses smartphones and social networks at all times.

Regarding their values, the term that perfectly defines Generation Z is “authenticity.” In fact, this segment of the population stands out for its general tendency to seek transparency and truth. Furthermore, they are highly sensitive to social and environmental issues: gender equality, sustainability, and advocacy for minorities are highly relevant themes.

What does Generation Z look for in a brand?

If you wish to connect with this target segment, bear in mind that Generation Z tends to seek and positively value brands that share their ideals and take a stance on specific societal issues. Therefore, if you can demonstrate your commitment to these values, you will gain the trust of Zoomers.

The data is clear: according to a Google study conducted by Ipsos, 78% of young people would switch from a well-known brand to a more sustainability-conscious brand, while nearly 3 out of 4 young people (73%) would be willing to pay 10% more for sustainable products (source: First Insight).

With this in mind, it is essential for businesses engaged in environmental sustainability or social inclusion initiatives to effectively and transparently communicate their efforts. Keep in mind that 65% of Generation Z still prefers to touch products before purchasing (source: Criteo). Therefore, your communication should not be limited to online channels but should also encompass the physical dimension of your store and your business as a whole.

Social media is essential for connecting with Generation Z

There’s no doubt, social media is the preferred platform for Generation Z to express themselves and connect with the world. What’s surprising is that the most popular social network in this age group is YouTube. The platform enjoys an 88% popularity among these users (source: Think with Google). Moreover, video content is the most sought after by Zoomers. However, they have a very short attention span, averaging around 8 seconds.

The aforementioned data, in addition to the pursuit of authenticity mentioned earlier, helps us understand the reasons behind TikTok’s success: a social network with growing popularity, thanks to its direct and spontaneous nature. Generation Z prefers imperfect but authentic content over the few dazzling photos and ideals of perfection.

On the other hand, even though 40% of Generation Z uses TikTok as a search engine (source: Think with Google), their primary search engine remains Google. Through Google, Zoomers quickly access the information they need, such as:

  • Contact information
  • Brand photos
  • User reviews.

The Importance of Micro-Influencers

But let’s return to TikTok, where the platform’s unique algorithm has brought about the rise of the micro-influencer: ordinary people creating simple videos that go viral and can make a difference when it comes to communicating with Generation Z.

In order to effectively engage with this target audience, it is essential to adapt to TikTok’s language and format. The key role played by micro-influencers in this regard is clear, especially in awareness strategies, as their engagement rate reaches 4% (source: Later x Fohr), in addition to their significant trust among Zoomers.

The success of micro-influencers among members of Generation Z is attributed to the fact that they are considered almost like friends, as they have a lifestyle similar to theirs, far from the perfection standards of a social network like Instagram.


Now that you are familiar with the characteristics of Generation Z, you can establish connections with them and ensure that your brand resonates with young Zoomers. Authenticity, sustainability, and a commitment to inclusion are values that will help you build a lasting rapport with them.



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