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Mastering the Influencer Marketing Game: Staying Relevant in a Fast-Changing Landscape

Influencer marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s easy to fall into the has-been side of communication and social networking. It’s very important to keep up with trends and tendencies, to keep up to date, or reinvent yourself completely. If you’re not in with the current vibe, your content is bound to fall by the wayside.

The young but tall: TikTok

The TikTok platform has succeeded in capturing users’ attention with a fusion of Instagram’s Reels and Youtube’s Shorts. This combination aroused a certain nostalgia, recalling the days of the late, lamented Vine platform. However, it’s essential to understand how to fully exploit TikTok’s potential.

Monitoring this platform is of crucial importance, far more so than on any other social platform. Rumors are circulating about the possibility of launching podcasts via TikTok, as well as the possibility of an e-commerce platform to rival Amazon. When these features become available, it will undoubtedly be wise to seize the opportunities offered quickly.

According to Google Trends data, TikTok ads have seen a spectacular 1125% increase since 2020, and this trend is set to continue, with the aim of rivaling YouTube by 2024.

In short, whether you’re a brand or a content creator, it’s imperative to integrate TikTok into your business model. The platform offers considerable potential for visibility and engagement, making it an essential tool for reaching your target audience and promoting your business or creativity.

You can explore content ideas, develop your marketing strategy through it, find tools to schedule your posts and moderate comments, and most importantly look into TikTok ads.

The new kid on the block: BeReal

This application is a popular platform for sharing real-time photos with a select group of friends, without the use of filters or retouching. It gained significant traction and became the most downloaded app on the App Store in October 2022.

This app harks back to the early days of social media when ad-free, authentic connections were highly valued. With a maximum limit of 500 friends, it necessitates a specific strategy to build and engage with a close-knit community. Notably, many brands, including e.l.f., have recognized its potential and successfully leveraged it.

One of the key reasons behind its popularity is its ability to resonate with Generation Z’s desire for unfiltered, unscripted content that is purely enjoyable. This social network has become the darling of 2023 as it aligns perfectly with the preferences of this generation.

Furthermore, integrating this app with your Instagram or TikTok account can be a strategic move to reach a new audience and enhance your community even further. By cross-promoting your content, you can tap into the app’s user base and expand your online presence. This application provides a unique and refreshing approach to social media, catering to the yearning for genuine connections and unedited experiences. Its rise to prominence highlights its appeal to both users and brands, making it a valuable platform for community building and brand promotion.

The pioneer: Instagram

It has become an integral part of Meta’s portfolio. To stay relevant and adapt to changing user preferences, Instagram has placed a strong emphasis on its feature called Reels. This shift reflects a departure from the traditional single-photo posts that were once the mainstay of the platform’s content.

With the evolving landscape of social media, single-photo posts have lost some of their appeal, as users now seek more engaging and dynamic content. In response to this trend, Instagram has introduced updates that prioritize videos and aim to ensure that they reach a wider audience. This strategic move highlights the platform’s recognition that the future lies in capturing moments through video rather than static images. By encouraging users to open their camcorders, Instagram is encouraging them to create and share more video-based content.

One of the advantages of Instagram’s focus on Reels is the ability to repurpose this content on other platforms such as TikTok or YouTube. By recycling and cross-promoting Reels, users can save time and effort by not having to produce a multitude of separate content for each platform. You can use audio or point-of-view trends to create your reels and attract as many people as possible to your page.

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