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Hosts are facing unique challenges due to COVID-19. Signup and fully experience 1Fluencer with no strings attached . Once published, your property get contact with qualified people wanting to promote your business and get a boost from social platforms.
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Any question about that pricing table?

What about the previous pricing table?

Our previous business model was based on a percentage on the value of the total collaboration value. As of 2023, we moved to a simpler subscription model and we do not charge any commission or hidden fee for a collaboration.

We take care of your marketing strategy, but we know you do not have enough time to look for influencers and manage all the collaborations.

1Fluencer will identify relevant content creators and submit pre-validated profiles that you will only have to confirm. We will then take care of the contractual part and the optimizations of your host page. Do not hesitate to contact us to find relevant matches.

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