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Why TikTok influencer marketing boosts your sales?

Today, many brands have created their TikTok accounts, aware that the social network is no longer solely the platform of choice for those aged 13-25. It is only natural, then, that TikTok is now entering the influencer marketing market. In fact, many brands have already ventured into it, with astonishing returns on investment! So, how can TikTok impact brand sales, especially through influencer marketing? Let’s explain.

What are the formats provided by TikTok to encourage purchases?

TikTok is currently the favorite platform of the moment. It is increasingly embraced by brands looking to gain recognition, maintain their reputation, and sell to millennials and Generation Z. Social selling or social shopping is precisely the art of selling using social networks.

Trends show that 57% of individuals from the younger generation enjoy discovering new brands through social media, and 64% eventually make purchases through these platforms. Among them, 56% specifically trust TikTok for its power of recommendation.

Indeed, with an audience consisting of 43% of individuals aged 18 to 34, TikTok now reaches people with real purchasing power. To assist brands in selling, the platform has implemented specific formats to encourage purchases.

TikTok Shopping

To expedite the sale of products, TikTok allows brands with a Shopify e-commerce store to add a shopping tab to their profile. This tab functions as a product catalog that directs users straight to the website for initiating the conversion.

TikTok Ads

While TikTok Ads’ advertising tool hasn’t (yet) surpassed Meta’s, its algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Furthermore, nearly half of TikTok users appreciate the creativity of sponsored posts and do not view ads as intrusive.

Sponsored content lands directly in users’ “For You” tab. Advertisers can associate a call-to-action to their website or e-commerce store. Other options are available, such as advertising directly through TikTok Shopping in the form of a carousel. This is a powerful format for showcasing products that can subsequently be purchased on the website.

TikTok Spark Ads

Introduced in 2021, this format allows brands to sponsor content from influential creators in a field that aligns with their own. This enables them to enhance brand awareness and take their first steps into TikTok influencer marketing. Let’s dive in!

Influence Marketing on TikTok: A Train to Catch

With an influencer marketing strategy on TikTok, brands can increase their visibility by collaborating with opinion leaders and, ultimately, boost their sales through fans convinced by them.

As evidence, 49% of users discover new products through their favorite “TikTokers,” and 37% immediately embrace the product they purchase (Raquel Llorente, Partnership Manager at Bigblue).

Further evidence lies in the famous #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which already has over 14 billion views. Behind this hashtag are TikTok influencers sharing their beauty product tips and reviews. This type of content has literally caused stock shortages for several global cosmetic leaders.

Best Practices for Viral Influencer Marketing Content on TikTok

To make content go viral on TikTok, it’s essential to understand the platform’s vision and algorithms.

TikTok operates by recommending content to its users that is similar to what they have liked. This principle has been copied by Instagram with its Reels. This discoverability power for brands is immense. Moreover, content published some time ago can still stand out, challenging the time constraints often found on other social media platforms.

To succeed on TikTok, influencers should no longer “simply” post short videos based on humor, challenges, and entertainment. It’s now about showcasing creativity, entertaining, but also educating, informing, and inspiring while maintaining a lively and engaging style.

Here’s a summary of some best practices to make TikTok content go viral in partnership with influencers:

  • Incorporate music, voice effects, and specific transitions. TikTok is designed to be highly immersive, and videos are intended to be enjoyed with sound.
  • Share tips in various categories, including beauty, cooking, home decor, fashion, fitness, tech, art, professional skills, and soft skills. Any valuable advice a brand can offer its audience can work.
  • Talk about and present products in a spontaneous and genuine way to generate social proof. On TikTok, clear, authentic, and creative product placements are more appreciated than on Instagram or YouTube, where subtlety is often key.
  • Use hashtags to reference content and associate it with a theme. We also recommend creating your own branded hashtag, especially for challenges.
  • Write short and effective descriptions because captions tend to go relatively unnoticed on TikTok. Unlike Instagram posts, descriptions are not prominently featured on TikTok videos, so keep them concise and focus more on the video content.
  • Vary the storytelling in collaborations with TikTokers, including unboxing videos, Q&A sessions, product benefits presentations, and more.

Building Strong and Long-lasting Relationships with Influencers

Influencers are not only brand ambassadors but also experts in content creation and social media trends. Trust them to create authentic and engaging videos for your brand that will resonate with their community.

To establish an influencer marketing strategy on TikTok, using an influencer marketing platform like 1fluencer allows you to find the right influencers!

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