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Top premium hotel chains excelling at social media marketing

The hospitality industry is witnessing rapid growth and change, due in part to the advent of digital technologies and an increasingly connected world. As a result, many hotel brands are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by social media platforms to build their online presence, engage with customers and market themselves as luxurious experiences. Let’s explore some premium hotel chains that have successfully utilized social media marketing to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Leveraging social media for brand recognition and customer engagement

Social media offers hoteliers a powerful platform for showcasing their brand’s unique offering, connecting directly with consumers and driving bookings through engaging content. The most successful premium hotel chains on social media are those that embrace the platforms’ capabilities, creating rich, visual storylines that resonate with their target audience. By harnessing the power of sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to showcase their beautiful properties, top-notch amenities, and desirable destinations, these leaders in luxury lodging are reaping substantial rewards.

Premium hotel chains leading the way on social media

  • Rosewood Hotels & Resorts: This luxury collection of hotels has garnered significant attention and praise for its thoughtful, visually impactful approach to social media, particularly on Instagram. Using targeted hashtags, professionally shot images and captivating storytelling, Rosewood has succeeded in striking a balance between aspirational imagery and inspiring user-generated content, which involves their guests and followers in shaping the brand narrative.
  • Belmond: With over 40 unique properties around the world, Belmond has masterfully leveraged Instagram to showcase not only their accommodations but also the art of travel. Their feed features a mix of property highlights, guest experiences, and depictions of local culture, positioning them as an authority on experiential luxury travel. Emphasizing the natural beauty and cultural richness of their locations, Belmond has managed to inspire wanderlust among their global audience.
  • Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts: Long-regarded as one of the world’s leading hospitality brands, Four Seasons has seamlessly translated their commitment to excellence and quality into a multifaceted social media strategy across various platforms. By showcasing stunning photography of their properties, authentic experiences including guest stories, and cleverly integrating user-generated content for both branded hashtags and contests, this luxury hotelier creates a powerful, emotional connection with potential guests.

Strategies that make a difference: Content marketing and partnerships

To stand out in the crowded hospitality market, these premium hotel chains have embraced some key strategies that are elevating their social media presence and providing real value to their followers:

Content marketing

For any hotel chain trying to find its voice on social media, crafting compelling content – visuals, captions, videos, articles and more – should be a top priority. From designing eye-catching, aspirational images of accommodations and amenities to highlighting unique aspects of local attractions and destinations, premium hotels need to communicate their brand story in a way that captivates their users.

  • Showcase stunning visuals: The best luxury hotel chains create visually appealing content that showcases their exquisite interiors, breathtaking views, and sophisticated touches. They invest in professional photography and attract attention through their impeccably curated feeds.
  • Evoke emotion: The most successful social media campaigns tap into consumers’ emotions, cultivating feelings of desire, excitement or nostalgia. Tapping into this aspect is especially crucial for premium hotels looking to create an air of exclusivity and luxury.
  • Tell stories: Content marketing is about capturing your audience’s attention, providing value and telling a compelling story. These hotel chains tap into the power of storytelling to humanize their brand, show behind-the-scenes glimpses and share authentic experiences that give prospective guests a taste of what they can expect when staying with them.

Partnerships, influencers, and collaborations

Premium hotels have found success by working with respected influencers, local partners, and other creative collaborators to produce engaging, high-quality content that appeals to their target audience:

  • Influencer partnerships: By working with well-known travel influencers, these hotels gain access to their large, engaged followings, which often consist of potential guests who are already interested in luxury accommodations and experiences.
  • Local collaborators: Partnering with respected local artisans or businesses allows premium hotels to showcase unique aspects of their destination while building goodwill in the surrounding community.
  • Creative collaborations: Hotels that join forces with other creatives – photographers, stylists, chefs, etc. – can create beautiful, distinctive content that stands out among their competitors.

Overall, top premium hotel chains understand social media’s impact on consumer decision-making and are dedicated to curating highly engaging content that showcases their individual brands and facilitates meaningful connections with their customers. They leverage popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to not only build awareness but also foster loyalty and genuine enthusiasm for the luxury experience they provide. Today’s savvy hospitality leaders know they cannot underestimate the potential and influence of a strong social media presence and capitalize upon it for long-term growth and success.

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