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TikTok: a new era of travel exploration

With its short-format mobile videos, TikTok has introduced a completely novel way of self-expression, and travel-related content, both from industry players and travelers themselves, is no exception. TikTok enables its community to embark on unfamiliar journeys even before the actual departure day!

A platform for all your travel desires.

While TikTok encompasses all types of travel experiences, it allows users to discover travel content that aligns with their specific interests.

For family-oriented travelers, #FamilyTravel, with 907 million views, invites exploration of “kid-friendly” destinations and offers tips for traveling with children. Solo travelers can turn to #SoloTravel, boasting 4.4 billion views, which highlights pitfalls to avoid and ideal destinations for solo adventures. As for thrill-seekers, #AdventureTravel takes the community to destinations brimming with excitement and intense emotions. Beyond destinations, TikTok also showcases various modes of transportation, such as train travel, which has numerous advantages, exemplified by SNCF Connect, a French railway company, offering humor-filled videos that transport community members across diverse territories.

#LuxuryTravel, with 2.2 billion views, ranks among the most popular hashtags on TikTok. It immerses the community in exclusive travel experiences, from paradisiacal beaches and lavish hotels to breathtaking landscapes. 60% of TikTok users surveyed expressed a desire for luxury hotels and travel brands to showcase their authentic side on the platform, with 41% expressing interest in engaging with them. This encourages brands to connect with their audience and strengthen their ties with TikTok users. Many users also seek more travel advice-oriented content (67%) and hotel tours (64%) to inspire and assist them in trip planning. Additionally, one in four surveyed individuals uses TikTok to research and preselect travel options.

The actors in the tourism industry are taking action:

TikTok, renowned for its short and vertical format, is primarily a user-friendly platform accessible to all. Just like individual users, businesses and institutions can unleash their creativity through an intuitive interface and numerous features that make using the platform and implementing marketing campaigns a breeze.

The case of Booking

Booking.com made its debut on TikTok during the summer with a seven-day contest that encouraged users to book their upcoming vacations on the platform. Cleverly taking advantage of the viral hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt – which allows members to showcase their favorite purchases inspired by TikTok discoveries – Booking.com launched #TikTokMadeMeBookIt. The TikTok community was encouraged to use this hashtag and mention a travel partner for a chance to win a voucher for use on Booking.com. To reach a wider audience, the brand enlisted several well-known TikTok creators like Joe Sugg (@joe_sugg – 1.2 million followers) and Anastasia Kingsnorth (@anastasiakingsnorth – 1.5 million followers) to showcase their travels with Booking.com.

The account experienced significant growth, attracting approximately 190,000 followers within the first four months of its creation. Following this initial campaign, Booking.com continued to share creative and humor-infused content perfectly tailored for TikTok, even tapping into the #ASMR trend by posting videos of relaxing destinations.


Source : Tik Tok Newsroom

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