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In today's digital age, tourism boards are constantly seeking innovative ways to promote their regions and countries. One highly effective method that has emerged in recent years is partnering with influencers and content creators. These social media-savvy individuals can showcase the best a destination has to offer through videos, blogs, and photography, helping to entice potential visitors to explore the area.

The Growing Importance of Influencer Marketing in Tourism Promotion

Social media has rapidly become an essential channel for travelers seeking inspiration, guidance, and reviews when planning their trips. As a result, tourism boards now recognize the need to leverage these platforms to reach wider audiences and elevate their destinations’ profiles. This is where influencers and content creators come in.

These personalities have amassed large followings on various social networks due to their engaging content, expertise, and trustworthy recommendations. By teaming up with the right influencers, tourism boards can create authentic connections with potential travelers and sway them to consider visiting their areas.

Why Should Tourism Boards Work with Influencers and Content Creators?

There are several compelling reasons for tourism boards to collaborate with social media influencers and content creators, including:

  1. Amplified reach: Influencers often boast extensive networks spanning multiple platforms, allowing tourism boards to tap into new audiences and demographics they may not have otherwise reached.
  2. Increased credibility: When influencers share positive experiences and recommendations, their followers take notice. This trust-building aspect can be invaluable for tourism boards looking to establish their destinations as must-visit locations.
  3. High-quality content: Many influencers and content creators have honed their content production skills, resulting in visually appealing and engaging materials that can be repurposed for tourism websites, campaigns, and social media channels.
  4. Targeted messaging: Influencers often specialize in specific niches, such as adventure travel, culinary experiences, or sustainable tourism. By partnering with influencers who align with the destination’s unique offerings, tourism boards can ensure their messages resonate with the right audience.

How to Build Successful Partnerships between Tourism Boards and Influencers

To maximize the benefits of influencer marketing, tourism boards need to develop a robust communication strategy and implement best practices when collaborating with content creators. Here are some key steps to consider:

Identify the Right Influencers

The first step is to carefully select influencers whose values, interests, and target audiences align with those of the destination. This may involve researching their online presence, evaluating their engagement rates, and reviewing previous collaborations with other brands or destinations.

Establish Clear Goals and Expectations

Tourism boards should outline their objectives and desired results from the partnership, such as increased website traffic, improved brand awareness, or the generation of user-generated content for use in future marketing campaigns. Additionally, it’s crucial to communicate these expectations to the influencer to ensure a successful collaboration.

Develop a Comprehensive Brief

Providing influencers with a well-structured brief outlining the destination’s key selling points, unique attractions, and any specific messaging or promotional angles will enable them to create tailored content that effectively showcases the area to their followers.

Maintain Open Communication

Regular check-ins and open dialogue throughout the collaboration process can help address any concerns, provide feedback on content, and ensure both parties stay on track to achieve the desired outcomes.

With the ever-growing popularity of social media in the travel planning process, tourism boards must adapt their strategies to harness the power of influencers and content creators. By forging meaningful partnerships and leveraging these individuals’ expertise and credibility, destinations can reach new heights in attracting visitors and establishing themselves as top tourist hotspots.

Case Studies: Successful Tourism Board-Influencer Partnerships

The following examples highlight how tourism boards have successfully leveraged influencer marketing to boost their destinations’ profiles:

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism’s “Storytellers” Campaign

This Canadian province’s tourism board partnered with 6 influencers, who were invited to explore the region and share their experiences through social media posts, blogs, and videos. The result was a collection of authentic stories that showcased Newfoundland and Labrador’s diverse attractions, landscapes, and local culture, generating significant online buzz and increased interest in the destination.

VisitScotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters 2020

To promote Scotland’s coastal regions during this themed year, VisitScotland teamed up with various travel bloggers and influencers, including adventure traveler Calum Maclean and food blogger Julie Lin MacLeod. Through captivating content highlighting the country’s coastline, waterways, and seafood offerings, this campaign reached millions of potential visitors and inspired them to consider Scotland for their future travels.


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