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The best travel apps

There are a multitude of applications to help you prepare and enjoy your trip. Their aim is to facilitate your experience and create the trips of your dreams. We recommend the following free applications:

Google Maps is an essential navigation application that helps you find routes, directions and public transport information in many parts of the world. It’s comprehensive and regularly updated.

Tripadvisor is a must-have application for travelers. It provides reviews, ratings and recommendations on hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and much more. Including it in your trip will save you time and help you discover places you might not otherwise have thought of.

If you’re traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language, Duolingo is a fun language-learning app that can help you pick up the basics quickly. It’s an application you should use in advance of your final destination.

Skyscanner or Kayak are flight search applications that let you compare prices, find the best deals and book your plane tickets. You’re sure to save a lot of money, especially if you’re flexible about your departure dates.

XE Currency is a practical currency conversion application that lets you manage your budget and check exchange rates in real time. It will help you avoid budget overruns.

If you need comprehensive travel guides to different destinations, you can use TripAdvisor City Guides or Guides by Lonely Planet. These applications provide information on attractions, restaurants and transport, for example.

PackPoint is a useful application for packing your suitcase according to the length of your stay, the weather forecast and the activities you have planned.

Deepl is a translation application that lets you communicate in different languages using text or voice translation. On site, it’s ideal if you’re having trouble making yourself understood. You’ll avoid any misunderstandings.

Last but not least, Uber or Lyft are cab or VTC booking apps that can be useful for getting around easily in certain cities when you don’t know how to use public transport or the places you want to visit are too far away.


These apps can be downloaded according to your specific needs and the destinations you’re visiting. Be sure to check reviews, features and availability in your destination country before downloading. They may not be optimal everywhere in the world.

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