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On Twitch, stream also rhymes with traveling

In Twitch’s Travel and Nature category, a wide variety of content is broadcasted, ranging from “pro-gamers” on vacation to ordinary internet users sharing their road trips and embracing the beauty of nature. These are all invitations to travel that are increasingly captivating internet users.

The Travel and Nature category on Twitch attracts tens of thousands of streamers. On Thursday, August 5, 2021, the category made its debut in the platform’s weekly top trending games. With over 2 million hours of views in seven days, the category recorded a 15.1% increase in viewing hours compared to the previous week. The number of broadcasters in the category also increased by 1.4%, reaching 1,630 this week. But what can you watch in the Travel and Nature category?

Live Streaming of Travelers on Vacation

Stopped at a gas station, “Fortnite” professional gamer MateoZ takes advantage of this break to go live. The Spaniard sits in the passenger seat of a car and engages in a face-to-face conversation with the camera. When not interacting with the community, viewers can follow his real-time movements and react through comments.

With just one click, you can follow ferries coming and going from the port of Largs in Scotland, find yourself inside a Norwegian streamer’s camper van, or travel along the roads of the United States 24/7 throughout the week.

Round-the-Clock Live Streams

Everyone has their little pleasures, and there’s something for everyone here. If you want to escape by immersing yourself in nature, some streamers have set up cameras in their gardens or near a forest to observe the activity in those places. Most of the time, nothing happens, but occasionally, you might spot a raccoon in the darkness or observe birds in their natural habitat, flapping their wings and living their lives to the fullest.

In other cases, like the Merewether_SLSC channel, live streaming allows surfers to watch the sea’s activity before heading out for sessions on Merewether Beach in Australia.

Auditory and Visual ASMR

Similar to YouTube and its numerous videos featuring nature sounds, on Twitch, you can find sounds and videos to help you relax under the categories of Auditory ASMR and Visual ASMR. It’s a way to travel while staying at home. You can step aboard a boat to watch the waves crash beneath it or admire streams while relaxing to the sounds of nature.

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