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The Rugby World Cup boosts Parisian tourism

The event, expected to attract 450,000 international visitors, energizes Parisian tourism and some more distant markets.

The Rugby World Cup boosts the Parisian tourist season. According to the Paris Tourism Barometer for September 2023, compiled by “Paris je t’aime,” the city’s tourism office, there has been an increase in foreign visitors (+10.6%) compared to 2022 during the first 20 days of September.

Two peak days of attendance are identified: Friday, September 8th (France vs. New Zealand match) and Saturday, September 9th (Australia vs. Georgia). On the latter date, the number of Australian tourists (30,000) increased by +113% compared to 2022. New Zealand visitors (+220.4%) numbered over 6,000 in Greater Paris on September 8th.

The recovery of key markets is still hindered

The sporting event also drives air travel activity. International air arrivals expected for October-November are currently +2.4% higher compared to 2019. The fastest-growing markets are those with teams participating in the World Cup, including Australia (8,900 passengers, +34%), Ireland (10,500 passengers, +35.6%), Argentina (4,500 passengers, +40.7%), New Zealand (2,200 passengers, +174.9%), and South Africa (6,600 passengers, +448%).

However, the recovery of certain long-haul markets remains hindered by various factors, such as the conflict in Ukraine, the very gradual resumption of air connections between China and France (-53.4% in the last quarter of 2023), or the challenging economic situation in Brazil.


Source : L’echo touristique

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