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Leading hotel concepts

What is the advantage of having a concept?

Having a concept for a hotel offers many significant advantages. It allows the establishment to differentiate itself from the competition and position itself uniquely in the market. A well-defined concept creates a distinct identity for the hotel, attracting the attention of potential guests. A clear, consistent concept creates an immersive, memorable customer experience. It guides the entire establishment, from architecture and interior design to overall ambiance, service, and facilities. Customers appreciate this consistency, which creates a specific atmosphere and contributes to an unforgettable experience.

A strong concept that tells a captivating story that engages guests will create an emotional connection with the hotel and can be used in marketing communications to generate engagement and curiosity.

A well-defined concept helps the hotel team to better understand the specific needs of targeted guests. The goal of tailoring services, facilities, and experiences to needs will generate customer satisfaction and leave a lasting impression.

If it’s attractive, the hotel increases its loyalty rate. When guests appreciate the unique experience and value proposition offered by the hotel, they are more likely to return and recommend the establishment to others.

What concepts can you find on the market in 2024 ?

There’s something for everyone today, and depending on your desires, your values or your way of traveling, you’ll always find a hotel where you’ll feel right at home. If you’re sensitive to sustainable development and the ecological future of our planet, you’ll find the concept of Green Hotels, using materials and services that have less impact on the environment.

Since COVID, you can stay in Smart Hotels. Here, technology is used to the utmost to avoid interaction and thus reduce the chances of transmission of any kind. These are intelligent establishments that change your consumption habits. Check-in will be via a kiosk, similar to those you find in fast-food outlets, and robots can take care of room service… Innovations that ensure your safety are based on contactless technologies.

This one is for business customers: Coworking Hotels. These are ultra-connected places where you can work with the right furniture (meeting room, individual space, etc.). Working remotely is no longer a barrier.

For those who prefer to stay at home, hotels are “just like home”. Yes, hotels have redesigned their living spaces to be as convivial as possible, as if you were at home but with the services of a hotel.

For a unique experience, unusual accommodations are a good choice. What could be better than staying in a tree house in the middle of nowhere, or spending a night in a historic monument, for an unforgettable experience? It’s also a great gift idea.

Would you like to spend a night at Hogwarts or in a comic book? Themed hotels can offer you a unique night’s stay, combining originality and comfort. Themed hotels are a huge success, making dreams come true.

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