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The importance of being close to Millennials

Who are they ?

You may be more familiar with the term Generation Y. These are the children born between the 1980s and around 2000. They grew up at a time when technology arrived at the heart of our world, when it revolutionized the way we communicate and interact. It was the beginning of social networking, and of a generation that knew how to use connected objects, social media and the Internet in its entirety from an early age.


Why you shouldn’t neglect them

This generation is the future of our world in all its possible aspects, the generation of the revolution in life projects and open-mindedness. This desire for inclusion and equal opportunity in all aspects of life is what characterizes the major part of them. Whereas in the past, older generations saved up for material goods, this one prefers to value travel, encounters and culture in general. They want to live life to the full without leaving an indelible trace of their passage on Earth for most of them. The desire to be the ones to cure the world of all its ills is extremely present for the majority. That’s why environmental and social issues are so important. They are the leading consumers of sustainable travel. Your impact as a brand or accommodation must be impeccable to satisfy a big part of them.


Enhance their customer experience

Remember, they run the Internet. Reviews and marketing hold no secrets for this generation.

They are all the more inspired by social networks in terms of travel. They want to live unique experiences. Instagram and TikTok are the most influential networks in the travel world. You need to provide them with technological connectivity, sustainable practices and personalization so that they reshare and recommend your establishment.

It is said that a large part of the people who belong to this generation is also not faithful to vacation spots, refusing to consume and engage in mass tourism. They are less inclined to choose traditional vacation destinations, preferring more unique and authentic experiences. They represent such a large part of the travel market that the question of offering an unique and ultra personalized offer could become the new mantra of your accommodation.

It’s time for you to focus even more on your Influencer Marketing and establish a long-term strategy to promote your offers and services as they follow a lot of travel influencers. Remember to open your networks, be reactive, post photos and videos and keep watch on the industry and trend constantly. This will increase your visibility, allow you to reach a wider audience and provide better loyalty.

Using the principle of UGC to promote this content has become an essential part of this marketing solution to reach this audience. Organize contests, have ambassadors, a partnership with travel content creators… In short, let them create your content, you will thank them.


By offering unique experiences, you can stand out in a competitive market and captivate this influential audience.

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