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A World for Travel is back in Seville

An event not to be missed

For 4 years now, the international forum A World of Travel has been bringing together dignitaries, tourism companies, and travelers from all over the world to answer a topical question about the sector in the context of sustainable development. After last year’s event in Nîmes in France, it’s now the turn of the Spanish city of Seville to host the event, in partnership with the Tourism Innovation Summit on October 17 to 19 2023. Capital city of the Andalusia region, Seville is the country’s jewel in the crown in terms of heritage and culture. It’s sure to be a feast for the eyes for 2 days, punctuated by debates essential to the considerable changes facing the tourism industry.

What will we talk about for 3 days?

This year, the forum’s debate will focus on how and why the tourism sector needs to move in a more sustainable direction. To this end, representatives of NGOs, the media, academics, public sector leaders, experts… will be on hand. The aim is simple: to promote sustainability, raise awareness, and encourage tourism players to make it a shared ambition.

This broad issue will be addressed through 5 main themes:

  • Climate
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Social issues

Each area will have its conference, enabling tourism companies to take stock of their impact and draw inspiration for improving the customer experience they offer. For travelers, it is the way they travel that will be up for debate, from eating locally to using public transport on vacation.

What’s in it for everyone?

Sustainable development is currently at the heart of all discussions and developments of all kinds. Whether your customers or partners, they are bound to be affected by your sustainable and social initiatives.

By bringing together tourism experts and professionals, you’ll be able to exchange knowledge and gain a better understanding of the issues facing the sector. You’ll be able to forge collaborations and partnerships with other stakeholders such as NGOs, who can potentially lead or accompany you on sustainability projects with your company.

Your commitment can enhance your brand image and attractiveness, which is now a key criterion in the minds of a large proportion of travelers. Showing them that you share their value is essential to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. You’ll also have a positive impact on your local economy, ecology, and social responsibility.

Apprehend it as a host

Participating in this forum as a host can help you strengthen your understanding of sustainability issues and keep up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. You will also be able to share your own initiative and inspire others.

It will be the moment to create partnerships and increase your credibility and your brand image.To be committed is to ensure a certain credibility with your target and everything that revolves around it. Your reviews, customer experiences and employees will thank you.


This forum offers an opportunity not to be overlooked to discuss challenges and issues between tourism stakeholders. Foster innovation, and inspire businesses and travelers to adopt more sustainable practices, so that together we can minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and the local populations.

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