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2024 Travel Trends and Tips for Tourism Marketers

2024 is fast approaching, and travelers have had to deal with the many problems associated with 2023. The year has been filled with inflation, security issues, and a high cost of living. However, despite the troubles associated with 2023, travelers aren’t giving up. They are making preparations to make 2024 fun-filled and interesting.

The tourism and hospitality business are loosening their springs to make 2024 a fulfilling year. Here are the top 2024 Travel Trends and tips for tourism marketers.

Bleisure travel

While this type of travel wasn’t popular last year, it’s a tourism trend that will grow in 2024. What Bleisure implies is that business travel will extend to leisure activities. Many tourism experts are predicting more people to engage in Bleisure travel in 2024. When you check the article of Invoca, you will see genuine trends that are good for tourism influencer marketers.

A 2017 study shows that more than 65% of American business trips integrate leisure in their business trips. It can either be pre-planned or offered during work trips.


Booking trips have moved away from making phone calls or physical negotiations. In 2024, expect more digitized bookings because of several reasons. It makes advertising more affordable for most travel companies, and customers also enjoy its convenience.

Many tourism firms have adopted the Kassel technology when it concerns online booking. In 2020, more than 73% of tourism firms surveyed use reservation technologies. These firms have seen a spike in the growth of their business, plus more profits.

Mobile bookings

Another tourism trend you should expect in 2024 is mobile bookings. Many operators have reported that about 3–5 online bookies are made from smartphones. These mobile shoppers are also deemed more valuable to a variety of businesses. The reasons are because they spend more on trips, make an average tour per trip, and are highly likely to give positive reviews.


According to several search engines like Google and Bing, 61% of travelers believe that firms should customize their buying experience. Also, they should base it on their behaviors and personal experience.

Moreover, with personalization, travelers are offered flexible options that are tailored to their needs. With this experience, you can achieve customer satisfaction better and can get better conversions. This trend helps your company’s digital marketing strategy and analyzes customer behavior.

Tech-powered travel

Expect more travel experiences to be powered by technology. As we have mentioned, mobile bookings and automation. Many emerging technologies would influence how people will travel in 2024. Recent study in Harvard states that this year, tech will be crucial in getting customers’ confidence and they will increase more in the following 12 months.

Tech innovations will bring better and easy travel experiences and this will include: mobile applications, easy cancellations, mobile boarding, and contactless transaction.

Sustainable Tourism

When you check the UN climate resolution and the declaration on climate action, you will see that several countries are advised to speed up climate action on tourism. That is the importance for most tourism companies to sustain tourism traditions and environmental initiatives in the industry.

More travelers are expected to adopt these climate warnings when making travel decisions in 2024. However, note that sustainability tourism isn’t just about your environment. It also concerns making vital changes on culture and the places where you travel to.

Active Ecotourism

When discussing marketing trends that will emerge in 2024, Ecotourism is a major one. This trend encourages combining passion with travel and supports immediate growth. Most travelers consider this a cost-effective way of traveling. Most people believe that this is a good way to help the tourism industry become more sustainable.

Transformation travel

Transformation travel is a recent tourism trend that has become very popular. This type of trend is more than just traveling for pleasure, but aims to make a difference in people’s life.

A good example of this volunteer trip is where you intend to gain more confidence and knowledge. Sometimes when you want to make a difference in travelers’ life, customers can opt for wellness days, where they enjoy yoga classes and other fitness benefits.

Due to this trend, you will notice a change in travelers’ diets as they will stop indulging in bad eating habits. The major aim of transformation tourism is to give meaning to trips and make people more interested in traveling. Because of this travel trend, many tour operators focus on providing unique and special activities to their customers.

Experience Tourism

In 2024, you should expect more experience in tourism. This is because more people are interested in having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many travelers are getting tired of vacations in hot spots, and they are seeking better experiences in every place they wish to travel. They are looking for reputable brands which allow them to mingle easily with locals.

This is particularly true for Millennials and Gen Z who prefer spending money on excellent experiences than material items. Also, it’s expected that more travelers will prefer spending time with local families than hotels. This is particularly true for people who are traveling to France and Canada.

In 2024, there are many unique travel trends and tips which tourism marketers should note. These trends are expected to dictate how travelers will behave that year.


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