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Influencer Marketing: a lever for SEO

In both retail and e-commerce, success relies on three factors: location, location, and location. If you’re opening a physical store, you will undoubtedly aim for a location on a bustling shopping street with high foot traffic. For an online store, it’s the ranking of your website that will capture your attention.

However, with increasing competition, it’s challenging to reach the first page of search results for the most commonly used keywords by internet users. Improving your SEO is a long-term strategy that demands a lot of time and energy. Yet, many brands overlook all the levers at their disposal to boost their SEO.

One of the most effective levers is influencer marketing. Curious to know how your collaborations with content creators can help you gain visibility on search engines? We’ll explain everything!

How to enhance your website’s influencer marketing with link building?

The main reason influencer marketing helps improve the SEO of an online store is its impact on your link building.

Specifically, the quantity and quality of links redirecting to your site (backlinks) play a significant role in its ranking on search engines. It’s not just about having numerous backlinks; they must also come from sites with what is known as a certain authority (meaning they have longevity, substantial traffic, and good link building).

By working with influencers, your brand generates natural backlinks to your online store, thereby improving its ranking. This is especially the case when you collaborate with influencers, and they add links to your store.

To make influencer marketing enhance your SEO, consider, for example, sharing links to your most relevant content (product pages, blog articles) with them, not just to your homepage. Also, provide them with the keywords you want to target in your brief. If their articles have better SEO, it will have a direct impact on your site’s SEO.

Influence marketing and SEO: the challenge of content creation

To boost a site’s SEO, the key is optimized content creation. The catch is that creating content takes a lot of time. This is where influencer marketing comes in, allowing you to collaborate with creators whose profession is precisely that.

By encouraging influencers to create and share high-quality content about your brand and products, you naturally increase your online presence and visibility. Even more importantly, you target your audience more effectively by collaborating with creators in your niche or whose audience aligns with the profile of your typical customers.

Again, your brand can enhance the impact of its SEO strategy by sharing the right brief. Consider encouraging influencers to use the right keywords (or hashtags) to associate your business with topics that interest your community. This strategy also applies to your customers when you focus on user-generated content (UGC).

Influencer marketing impacts SEO by increasing engagement with its audience

In conclusion, influencer marketing helps improve the SEO of your site by enhancing the perception and awareness of your brand among its target audience or a new audience. Collaborating with influencers indeed generates significant exposure for your business and naturally contributes to strengthening its authority in a specific field or among a particular group.

Because content creators know how to capture the attention of their community, they are better equipped to use the right language or angle to highlight your brand and its offerings. This, in turn, encourages their followers to visit your social media profiles or click on the link to your site. Influencer marketing, therefore, ensures you have an audience that is not only interested but also engaged, which is crucial for your SEO.


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