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Toward engaged and responsible influencer marketing

Ethical influence marks a true evolution of the market. Driven by the influencers themselves, this paradigm shift presents opportunities and challenges for brands.

Likewise, we are witnessing an evolution in the term ‘influencer.’ They are primarily ‘content creators’ and ‘opinion leaders.’ Unlike ‘celebrity influencers’ (who became known through TV or cinema), content creators have succeeded in building communities on social networks through the creation of high-value content.

As a brand, you must think of more engaging, authentic, and transparent influencer campaigns, ones that champion a cause and strong values. The logistics and the very nature of the relationship with content creators are changed as a result.

Nevertheless, the change is worth it. The success of ethical influencer campaigns is indeed evident.

The 4 pillars of responsible and engaged influencer marketing

Today, influencer marketing aims to restore a sense of trust in opinion leaders with profiles that uphold values, creativity, and operate within a well-defined professional framework. To achieve this, ethical influencer marketing must engage all parties involved in the campaigns: the content creator, the brand, and the influencer marketing solution.

Sustainable consumption and environmental respect

Just a few years ago, brands didn’t hesitate to inundate influencers with products to test, sometimes without even asking for their opinion. It was hundreds of packages arriving every day, pushing influencers towards overconsumption of all kinds. Furthermore, many ‘social media stars’ received products that didn’t match their needs, tastes, or concerns. Not to mention the environmental impact of each frenzied shipment, far from the principles of eco-distribution.

Today, influencer marketing encourages brands and paid content creators to establish reasoned, local, and planet-friendly partnerships. This takes into account the frequency of shipments, the number of miles traveled by the package, and its composition.

Authenticity of the influencer and relevance of their profile

Responsible influencer marketing places less emphasis on the number of content creators’ followers and focuses more on their interests and expertise. Brands seek profiles that align with their offerings and values. Opinion leaders are carefully selected for the causes they support, their knowledge, and their ability to objectively assess a product or service. Furthermore, this helps legitimize the collaboration and enhance the credibility of the brands.

Moreover, associating your brand with nano and micro-influencer profiles with smaller communities (1,000 to 100,000 followers) ensures more authenticity. Partnerships are often unpaid, referred to as gifting campaigns, where influencers receive and test your products for free.

Transparency in influencer marketing campaigns

Responsible influencer marketing encourages budget transparency among all parties and rigorous negotiations upfront. The allocated budget and campaign stakes must be clearly documented. Non-compete or confidentiality clauses can be included. Content creators, in turn, commit to informing their community about the existence of a commercial collaboration. This is achieved through captions under the posts, stories, and hashtags. Conversely, brands mention to their community the opinion leaders they are working with.

Sustainable collaboration and mutual loyalty

Influencers are no longer synonymous with ‘internet celebrities’ and TV stars. They are genuine content creators who are experts in social networks and their tools. Their strength lies in their community of enthusiasts. In this capacity, they are capable of passionately advocating for a brand and a product with transparency and a sharp sense of wit. This is why brands have every interest in establishing enduring collaborations and nurturing a real relationship of trust with their opinion leaders.


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