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Hospitality : what to expect in 2025?

The year 2024 has seen many closed hospitality businesses revive their business. Moreover, as many restrictions were lifted this year, many businesses tried to resurface by capitalizing on the trends which emerged from the pandemic.

Many of these hospitality trends will make their business better and increase profits. If you are into the hospitality business, here are some top trends in the hospitality sector you should expect in 2025.


You should expect more staycations in the UK and Europe in the coming year. This is meant to help boost the tourism sector. Although borders are open now, many travelers have grown to love staycations. Hotel and B&B owners should invest more in luxury cavities like bathtubs, swimming pools, and spa facilities.

Also, they should ensure that they have the best fitness equipment in their places. This is meant to give customers a nice holiday feeling instead of traveling. According to this article, staycations remain an important trend in 2025. Moreover, don’t forget to add welcome baskets, great Wi-Fi systems, and other small details that can make your customers feel comfortable.

Holistic Hospitality

Self-care has become very important for businesses and customers. This hospitality trend has been used by many people to take care of their well-being. Moreover, the global wellness sector which has been estimated to be worth around $1.7 trillion will grow further by 2% in 2025.

For those with spa facilities, they should try to have cleansing classes or relaxation time. If your place doesn’t have these features, invest more in many wellness products. You could provide sugar-free meals in your canteen and more organic products.


Blesiure simply means combining business with leisure. With remote work being on the rise, many businesses are expected to allow their staff to enjoy more Blesiure. It has been discovered that mixing business with leisure ensures more productivity.

Since many firms have adopted more remote work, this hospitality trend has come to stay. You should expect more people in 2025 to stay remote, therefore infusing a bit of leisure will grow. Resorts, hotels, and others in the hospitality business should add fiber cable Wi-Fi, and work hubs to make professionals more comfortable and productive.


Digitization of guest experiences has become popular in 2024, and you should expect more in the coming year. With the popular use of apps and QR codes, digital services in hospitality have become a very crucial part of the industry. Restaurants, bars, and hotels will use more of these features to boost their business in the coming year.

Moreover, technology-assisted features like mobile-check-ins, voice control and customer-facing will get more attention in 2025. Many travelers and travel influencers will expect more of these tech-savvy features. That said, these upgrades might increase your budget, however, if you start investing early, you can make it happen next year.


While many people don’t like mixing business with personal issues, it’s safe to say that both will trend in 2025. In 2024, the guests would have been happy with promotional emails and other experiences. However, many are looking towards more personal options next year.

Moreover, motels and hotels around France and Canada should try tailoring their greetings to flexible room service menus and TV programs. While it’s a huge leap for many hospitality business owners, it’s easy when you use data analytics. You could try integrating hospitality POS features that encourage personalized marketing.

VR and Augmented Reality

With everything that’s happening in the technology world in 2024, one would wonder if real-life events exist. If 2025, expect many hospitality businesses to deal with Virtual and Augmented reality. The total number of AR and VR devices as of 2024 stood at 3:37 pm million units.

In 2025, it is expected to increase to more than 52.5 million units worldwide. This spike is expected because these VRs can provide guests with an exclusive experience that will linger for a long time. The hospitality business has an in-store interaction that has been limited, however, with the usage of VR, things are expected to change.

Hi-tech housekeeping

While the Covid-19 pandemic fever seems to have gone down, travelers raw still afraid of contracting this virus. You will need to reassure them that your hospitality business has the right necessary facilities that will keep them safe. With hi-tech housekeeping, customers will be assured that health is being considered.

Digitizing your environment to maintain a good hygiene level. There are many certified household apps and management systems that can be fixed in all rooms and public areas in your place.

Solo Travel

While people are advised to travel with friends and families, solo travel has become a norm in the hospitality sector. It is expected that Solo travel will increase in 2025 as it has for two years. Because of the prolonged lockdown in most countries, many have become accustomed to staying alone.

A lot of hospitality businesses will need to offer activities that are for solo explorers. More single rooms should be invested in video games. This would serve as a form of incentive to encourage more solo travelers to patronize your business.

The hospitality sector in 2025 is expected to witness huge trends. Serious entrepreneurs in this sector need to take advantage of them to ensure a more profitable business.


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