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7 tips to stand out from the competition as a hotelier

Between the new aspirations of tourists, technological advancements, and various marketing strategies, the hospitality industry is in a constant state of evolution. Therefore, it is imperative to stay informed about market trends to stand out from the competition as a hotelier.

Tip #1: Carefully work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here, we’re not telling you anything new, but a little reminder is necessary: 80% of tourists search for and choose a hotel via the Internet. Among them, 83% take into account its location, especially business travelers. Therefore, if you are invisible on the web, poorly optimized for search engines, or not properly geolocated, you are losing an incalculable number of prospects. So, equip yourself with a well-designed website and a Google My Business listing, both finely optimized to position yourself ahead of your competitors.

Tip #2: Don’t underestimate the power of social media

In reality, social media will also boost your visibility and strengthen your reputation. These are essential communication channels to get the word out about your business and stand out! Today, 20% of users use social media to search for hotels, and 75% use them before making a purchasing decision. And, don’t overlook TikTok, as in 2021, a whopping 77% of users reported that the platform inspired them to choose a destination or make a travel-related purchase

Tip #3: Invest in influencer marketing

We’re still in the realm of social media, but here we’re talking about influencer marketing. It’s an essential strategy in the hotel industry today. In a 2017 study, Sony found that internet users are 5 times more likely to purchase a product when it’s recommended by a third party or an influencer. However, if you want to incorporate this technique into your strategy, be cautious; a collaboration needs to be evaluated. Just because an influencer has a large number of followers doesn’t necessarily make them a good fit. Look at the number of likes and/or comments they receive on their posts in comparison to their follower count – this is known as the engagement rate. The higher it is, the better. Once again, be vigilant, as some influencers purchase followers and comments, so examine their relevance.

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Tip #4: Rethink the decor of your establishment

Let’s skip the unnecessary chatter with these statistics:

  • 45% of customers are tired of the uniformity of the hotel industry, particularly in terms of decor.
  • 96% of travelers are “sensitive to very sensitive” to hotel design and the aesthetics of the interiors provided by hoteliers.
  • 42% of travelers take the “instagrammable” aspect into account before booking their stay.
  • 60% of travelers who use social media have already posted photos from their vacation destinations on their accounts.

Do you see the cause-and-effect relationship with the decoration and your establishment’s booking rate? In simple terms, the more you offer a well-designed and authentic decor, the more you entice tourists to choose your hotel. This effort won’t go unnoticed by your hotel’s customers, as they will share it on their social media. Just like your services, this plays a crucial role in the customer experience.

What customers appreciate in the design of a hotel:

  • A strong design statement
  • Colors
  • Space
  • Wooden floors (preferred by 67%)
  • Showers instead of baths (preferred by 84%)

In summary, avoid excessive use of white, carpets, and bathtubs. Remember, beyond design, infuse it with personality! Whether it’s Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, Japandi, shabby chic… it should be unique yet cozy to make guests feel at home

Tip #5: Go Green

Becoming an eco-friendly establishment is good for the planet and your business. In recent years, awareness has been growing regarding the looming climate challenges. In 2023, building a business with an eco-responsible commitment is no longer an option, and this applies to many sectors. It’s a requirement that will only grow in importance over the years, so why not ride the wave to fill your reservation book? For your customers, it’s a mark of trust that will transform their tourist experience and add an ethical dimension to their stay. But what can you implement to reduce your impact? Depending on your budget, there are a multitude of alternatives.

Combatting waste

Wooden magnetic cards, biodegradable trash bags, recycled toilet paper, recycling buffet leftovers, repackaging hygiene products in guest rooms, selective sorting…

Review your energy consumption

Changing sheets and towels upon customer request, using energy-efficient light bulbs, faucets equipped with water-saving devices, automatic lighting…


Tablets, kiosks, mobile apps, QR codes… Besides being particularly appreciated by travelers, digitalization is also an eco-responsible approach. Yes, it contributes to the “Paperless” concept.

Embrace CSR to boost reservations

Are you committed and meticulously implementing all these actions? Embark on a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. It’s a significant advantage for setting yourself apart from your competitors. Here’s the proof with (more) statistics:

  • 87% of international travelers express a desire to travel while minimizing their impact.
  • 68% of travelers plan to stay in eco-friendly accommodations.
  • 53% of B2B clients see CSR as a factor that can set a hotel apart and tip the scale (compared to 36% in 2012).
  • 70% of B2B clients have CSR requirements.

Tip #6: Collaborate with Local Suppliers

To enhance your environmental commitment, generate interest, and build trust, collaborate with local partners. You can offer meals featuring local products (meat, milk, honey, fruits, fruit juices, wines, etc.). Did you know that offering breakfast with regional products is highly appreciated by your customers? You can also establish partnerships with local hygiene product suppliers to provide their products in your bathrooms. These partnerships can also include cultural offerings (museums, castles, guided tours), sports activities, a local taxi company, or a well-known regional park. All these thoughtful touches will make a difference in the quality of your offering.

Tip #7: Friendliness and Hospitality: The Winning Combination for a Satisfied Customer.

Friendly, smiling, helpful, and talkative staff – we all agree that it’s more than pleasant. Yet, this rule of politeness is often overlooked (especially here). It’s true, you could have the most beautiful hotel in the region, offer better services than the competition, be eco-friendly, have the best location… But if the reception was poor, your customers will remember it, and maybe that’s all they’ll remember. Personally, it’s the case for us. We know we tend to speak up when things aren’t right more than the opposite. In fact, 63% of hotel chain customers find the reception too impersonal, so why not make all the difference once again. This last tip doesn’t require any budget, yet it’s thanks to it that you’ll gather many positive reviews from customers won over by your good spirits, so play along wholeheartedly.

Wi-Fi, a spa, a green corner, co-working space for business travelers and digital nomads – these are still more offerings to delight your entire clientele!



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