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Cultural differences around the world

Culture is diverse and shows the true identity of citizens. Influencers should try as much to learn the traditions and culture of the country they are visiting to avoid problems. People need to accept that everyone has their history and traditions, which must be respected. Many immigrants have culture shock when they move to another country, they find rules that are difficult to understand when you travel frequently.

You will find that understanding the numerous cultures in the world broadens your knowledge. Here are the cultures of different continents across the world.


Africa has the largest concentration of black people, and they have a very deep history. For example, Kenya has the famous Masai Mara tribe whose culture involves drinking blood, jumping and adorning colorful shaka.

Also, if you visit Western Africa like Nigeria, there are over 250 ethnic groups, with Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo being the largest. In the Yoruba tribe, as a sign of respect, the young men must prostrate for their elders and the young ladies must kneel. In Benin Republic, another West Africa country, people speak French, and they have many indigenous languages. There is also the Sangbeto cult, which worships the sea deity. They are highly respected in the towns.


The Japanese have unique table habits and etiquette. Unlike European countries, where making noise during eating is considered rude, the Japanese make sounds while eating. These slurping sounds have to do with the way they consume their noodles. In Malaysia and Indonesia, pointing your index finger is a rude gesture. People are told to make gesture using their thumbs rather than point fingers because it shows their true humanity.

Also, when visiting Asia countries like India and Pakistan, you will have to leave your handshaking habits as they are considered rude. Many people are practicing Hinduism in these countries and when you greet, you put your palms together and say “Namaste”.

If your trip takes you to Asia countries, try to always sample all meals offered by your host. Furthermore, Asians love guests who bring gifts when they visit. It doesn’t matter the size or type of gifts, always bring something.


The Oceania continent comprises countries like Australia, New Zealand, Kiribati, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and some other island countries. There are noticeable differences among the four groups on this continent. The ethnic groups are, Polynesians, Melanesians, aboriginal and Micronesians.

Among the Aboriginals, their art traditions remain unique because they are very detailed. For their music, they have the didgeridoo, which is known as the wind instrument. The Polynesians are known for their several skills like, hunting, boat navigation (Waka) capabilities, fishing, organization…

Also, they are known for their dance steps which are the Haka (New Zealand Maori) and the Hawaii dance known as Hula that you can learn. You will also find many Polynesians with a tattoo that depicts the history of their tribe. For the Melanesians, traditions such as Kava drinking and tattooing are rampant among the locals. They are also known to engage in headhunting. The Polynesians and Micronesians trade in shells, beads and seafood.

South America

South American countries include Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and so many other countries. The salsa dance is a Latin dance that is common in South Americana. This dance genre is a combination of Cuban dances like rumba, pachanga and mambo.

Also, in the Tierra del Fuego region of America, some nomads still move almost naked with some piece of cloth around their loins. Language is also usually Spanish and Latin in most South American countries.

Middle East

Influencers willing to travel to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar Israel and the regions in the Arabian Peninsula need to understand their customs and habits. The major religion in Middle Eastern is Islam. Although there are Christians and Jews, they are in small proportion. The dressing is a big issue, so you have to take it seriously. Men should dress modestly and avoid wearing shorts.

Also, for women, wearing a headscarf is very important, and you mustn’t show flesh. Every part of your body must be covered. If you wish to make friends easily, you could offer strangers cigarettes and women, hair accessories. However, avoid bartering shopkeepers and taking pictures of people without asking their permission. This is particularly true with Bedouin and Berbers. If you are going to visit a mosque, always cover your hair, to avoid unfriendly glances.

While places like Beirut, Marrakesh and Istanbul are less relaxed when it comes to these rules, don’t take the chance. Moreover, if you take alcohol, you will have to be wary of drinking in public places. While places like Dubai and Istanbul allow drinking in certain public places, Riyadh frowns heavily at people drinking publicly. A way around this is to drink only in your house.

North America

North America comprises the United States of America and Canada. There is a Halloween session where everyone wears customs and eats different foods on that day. It usually happens around September and October. Also, people call one another by their first names, even if they are older. This is unlike the African countries, where there is an emphasis on respect. If you are moving to the states, adaptability is important.

When moving to a new country, influencers should try to learn the cultures and differences of where they are going. This will make them enjoy their stay better and will decrease culture shock.

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