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Youtubers are becoming new travel influencers

For several years, social media boosted and revolutionized the world of travel. Many influencers talk about tourism in general. Their social networks and their communities are helping to promote tourism companies. It can be hotels, tourist attractions and more !

The “vlogging” concept

Actually, there is one concept that is new in the world of travel influence, this is vlogging. We’ll talk about travel vlogging but you can find this concept on various subjects and fields of activity. Many youtubers are developing this notion on the social media, Youtube. What does this mean ? Vlogging is a mix between Blog and Video. A vlog can be created by each traveler who wants to share his journey. The video can be created to talk about each day of the trip or to summarize the whole trip. A vlog can last between 10 minutes and one hour and half.

What is the specificity of the vlog ?

Throughout the video, the traveler will show his various experiences. He can show us his accommodation, his sightseeing… The goal is to share with his community his travel ideas and tips to travel in the city or country where it is located. The camera will film his environment and sometimes the traveler may appear on camera to address the viewer. That creates a kind of proximity with the viewer and the video is used to transmit emotions and feelings that can convince a future traveler.

A new influence trend for tourism companies

Some companies are looking for visibility of their infrastructure on social networks and Youtube can be an interesting media to get visibility and sharing from influencers. That’s why youtubers can be invited by companies to share and promote an establishment or a touristic place to their communities. Hotels, restaurants, tourism offices… may be interested in collaborating with a youtuber.

Who are the biggest travel vloggers influencers?

Casey Neistat is the first travel vlogger in the world. He became famous on Youtube because he posted a vlog a day for 604 days.

Other travel vloggers are also well-known as The Other Life, MarinArtur, Alex Vizeo and Mamytwink.

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