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The UGC creators, the new influencers

It is no longer a secret that influence marketing is no longer popular with young people.

The extraordinary rise of TikTok has also contributed to the creation of a new economy where the UGC creator is king.

What is a UGC creator?

A UGC creator is someone who creates sponsored content that appears authentic but is designed to showcase a specific business or product. The most common format for UGC creators is video, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

To become a UGC creator, you don’t need a lot of followers to join this new generation of creators. You just need to be creative and authentic.

A growing Niche

The UGC sector is booming in the US because brands are finding it profitable. Marketing agencies explain that UGC content is on average 35% more engaging than traditional branded content. The other reason is also the price, a one-minute UGC video is 10 to 15 times cheaper than agency-produced content.

This new market for selling content has led to the multiplication of platforms dedicated to brands, putting them in touch with UGC creators. We can expect exceptional growth in this sector in France in the coming months.

This is the bet we made by developing Vogz, the first solution gathering more than 12K UGC creators available to propose video concepts for sale. Our platform allows brands to launch online castings and select only the best concepts. The entire process of buying content and assigning copyrights is integrated. Allow an average of 5 days between the launch of the brief and the use of the content on your social networks.

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