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Tripnotes: The new IA you will love

If for some people planning a trip is a real moment of happiness and passion, for others this activity is a real headache that quickly becomes a chore and can become a hindrance to their vacation. When planning a trip, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information to remember. Flights, accommodations, activities, restaurants, tourist attractions, and more are all things to consider and put together.

What’s the point?

The new Tripnotes Artificial Intelligence is for this kind of traveler. It helps you plan and organize your vacation without much effort. Thanks to it, you should not forget anything. This artificial intelligence is a free and easy-to-use application in which you enter your travel information and it gives you an itinerary including flight reservations, hotels, activities, and restaurants. The notes can be organized by day, so travelers know exactly what to do and where to go at each stage of their trip.

What else does it do?

In addition to helping you organize your trip, TripNotes allows you to share your adventures with your friends and family. Notes can be shared, which simplifies group travel. Each member with the departure link can add notes and comments. This makes the process more friendly, collaborative, and enjoyable.

You also have the option of saving maps offline for use in offline mode, an extremely useful feature when we know how difficult it is sometimes to get a connection in certain areas, not to mention the price. You will be able to navigate all the streets without activating your cellular data. The ability to save important information such as your emergency contacts and travel insurance details is a real plus in case of need.

So, this little innovation is a very practical and useful tool for travelers of all levels, whether you go on a road trip like roots or in a 5-star hotel chilling on a beach. Your vacation will be organized efficiently.

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