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What are the top travel influencer platforms?

Today, content creators play an important role in the travel industry. Find out more about the top travel influencer platforms. New technologies have changed everything: our daily lives and the economy itself. The tourism sector, like others, has found itself at the heart of these innovations. For a tourist country, attracting tour operators and tourists is no longer enough: it is now necessary to attract influencers. They are the new undisputed players in the sector. What are the best travel influencer platforms?

What are the platforms used by travel influencers?

Most of the activity of travel influencers takes place on social networks. In this vast universe, there are several platforms, some of which you may be familiar with. For your information, many of these tools are designed for professionals who want to find influential ambassadors for their brands. They are also used in the travel industry. These platforms are accessible via a free (test) or paid (full) version.


With more than 22 million users per month, it is an undeniable playground for content creators. As you know, Instagram is entirely dedicated to sharing photos and videos, which represents an opportunity for social network players. A traveler, for his part, will have a better overview of the destination he is looking for (restaurants, hotels, sites to visit…).

Tik tok

Tik Tok has over 1 billion unique users per month. The social network is very appealing because of its concept based on short videos. Again, this is a goldmine for influencers, but also for holidaymakers looking for a getaway. They will be able to view the videos posted by influencers to get an idea of a particular destination.


Released in 2020, Willie is an influence marketing platform. Developed by Woô, it requires no commitment from subscribers. Its objective is to allow a brand or a destination to access a database of influencers to select the most relevant ones.


With Hivency, you will have access to a large database of micro-influencers. In addition to tourism and travel, they are also active in other areas such as fashion, lifestyle, food, etc. A system of relevant recommendations is implemented by Hivency’s artificial intelligence, searching for influencers faster and more efficiently.


1fluencer is an influencer marketing platform specializing in the hotel industry. It connects guests around the world with travel influencers. Today the platform has over 200 hosts in 85 countries worldwide and over 300 travel influencers.

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