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Hotels, travel, tourism… How to promote your destination with influencers?

For many, the networks are a source of entertainment but also of escape. Not a day goes by without our news feeds being invaded by photos of sublime landscapes. Whether it’s the sea, the mountains, a luxury hotel, or a new destination, publications on social networks have a major influence on traveler decision. How can you get your hotel or destination known thanks to influencers? Here are different tips.

Why do a campaign on social networks?

The successive confinements marked the advent of social networks, as people needed to feel connected and entertained during these long periods of unseen isolation. TikTok, for example, has experienced remarkable growth and many influencers have made a name for themselves worldwide thanks to their often highly entertaining videos.

Social networks are therefore becoming the kings of entertainment, especially for generation Z, who prefer them to television. But not only that, all generations are now seduced. After two years of pandemic and international travel restrictions, it is more than ever a time to get away. Tulum or Dubai have been on the front line for some time now, but it is quite possible to talk about another destination or to promote hotels located abroad, increase your visibility and increase your bookings!

Which social networks to choose for the tourism sector?


It is impossible not to mention travel blogs in this article. Forerunners, experts, and true globetrotters, travel bloggers have a large following. Bruno Maltor, a travel blogger, has more than 2 million annual visitors to his blog. What a great way to gain visibility!


YouTube is also a platform to be favored for communicating about your destination or your tourist establishment. Very well-referenced since it belongs to Google, and the social video network is full of experiences, stays, and trips. Luxury, backpacking, in Europe or far away destinations, there is something for everyone.


Instagram, the social network of images, is often an invitation to escape as it is not uncommon to see photos of landscapes, nature, beaches, or sublime hotels. It is possible to use a travel influencer on Instagram, but also a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle influencer with a very large community to make yourself known to an even larger audience.

What kind of collaboration should be set up?

The press trip

What better way to promote your destination or establishment than to organize a trip with one or more influencers? Press trips were originally designed for hand-picked journalists, but more and more brands and tourism operators are organizing them with content creators. Once you have identified the influencers most suited to your needs and objectives, you can proceed with sending invitations. Visibility in a story on Instagram, in a video on YouTube, with a nice article on a travel blog, plan the terms of the collaboration.

Organizing a press trip takes a lot of time and organization. Everything has to be perfect, to give the chosen influencers an unforgettable experience, which will make them want to share creative and interesting content on their networks. You will probably need to plan activities and excursions and anticipate any problems so that everything runs smoothly.

Hosting an influencer

You can also choose to host an influencer in exchange for visibility. The influencer visits your establishment and stays there. He takes some pictures, videos, articles, and posts in exchange for a free experience, a night in a hotel… Are you interested in this type of collaboration? Click here. 

Network contest

Organizing a contest to win a trip or hotel nights with an influencer is a great idea! It will allow you to increase your visibility but also your followers and social networks.

Now you are ready to make the best campaigns on social networks!

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