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A day in the life of a travel content creator – hotel

Being a content creator specializing in the hotel industry means much more than reviewing comfortable rooms and beds. It’s also an opportunity to share life with a community thirsty for discovery. Let’s find out how these hospitality experts interact during their hotel stay.

Morning: Arrival and welcome

The day begins with arrival at the hotel. Our creator shares a photo of the exterior of the establishment and informs his community of where he’ll be staying. It’s the start of the adventure, and subscribers are already eager to discover what awaits them.

Daytime: Live virtual tours

During the day, the designer organizes live virtual tours. Armed with his phone, he explores the hotel’s facilities, from common areas to bedrooms, sharing his first impressions and answering viewers’ questions in real-time.

Afternoon: Savoring the Experience

The afternoon is an opportunity for the designer to take full advantage of the hotel experience. He shares photos of delicious dishes at lunch, relaxing moments at the spa, or refreshing dips in the pool. Every moment is documented so that subscribers feel immersed in the journey.

Evening: Interaction and Responses to Comments

In the evening, the creator devotes himself to interacting with his community. They respond to comments, questions, and reactions to content shared during the day. This engagement phase strengthens the bond between the creator and his subscribers.

Night: Recap of the day

Before going to bed, the creator shares a recap of his or her day at the hotel. From highlights to unexpected discoveries, he gives an overview of the whole experience. It’s also an opportunity to thank his community for its support and prepare subscribers for the rest of their stay.

In short, being a hotel content creator is an immersive experience where every moment is captured to be shared with a passionate audience. If you’d like to explore the world through their eyes, follow their live adventure and immerse yourself in the world of modern hospitality.

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