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How to successfully collaborate with an influencer when you are a hotelier?

70% of those under 25s found their travel destination using a photo seen on Instagram (Voyages-sncf.com and Bolero study). Instagrammers influence their hundreds of thousands of followers by sharing their desires, their travels, and their favorites. So take this opportunity to showcase your hotel on Instagram with an influencer.

Here are the keys to creating THE partnership with an influencer ! 

How to contact influencers?

Step 1: Build a relationship with them on Instagram:

You should start by following the influencer you are interested in on Instagram and liking some of their posts. It’s important to get to know the influencer, their audience, the type of content they post, their personal goals, their background, etc. The more you get to know them, the more you can identify what they might be interested in and make sure they fit in with your hotel’s image (family-friendly, cosmopolitan, young, chic, cool…).

Step 2: Create the first contact:

Option 1: they spot you thanks to your likes under their posts and get in touch with you. As he is the one who solicits you, you can better negotiate your contract.

Option 2: you don’t get any feedback from them. This is not negative, influencers are very solicited and don’t always contact their partners themselves, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you.

So look in their Instagram bio to see if they list an email address to contact them. If they don’t, send them a private message via the platform directly.

As far as your message is concerned, influencers are over-solicited, so you need to do everything you can to get their attention. Your pitch should be personalized and convincing so that it stands out from the crowd and doesn’t go to waste.

You don’t have time to search for influencers on social networks? Don’t panic, at 1fluencer, we make it easier for you! 

What offer to make to the influencer?

It is important to define a clear offer to make the collaboration work.

Step 1: Choose the type of collaboration according to your objective:

Product placement if you want to improve your brand image: description of the services offered in your hotel

Sharing a promo code reserved for the influencer’s subscribers to sell more services in addition. Example: the code BREAKFAST for a free breakfast if a subscriber books a room in your establishment.

Contest to make a subscriber of the influencer win a night provided for example that he comments under the post a “happy” smiley and that he is subscribed to the Instagram account of the influencer and yours. You will gain new followers on your Instagram account who you can then convince to come and stay with you.

Step 2: Select the type of compensation:

  • Free invitation to stay at your hotel
  • Free services (spa, breakfast, room service…)
  • Commission based on affiliate links or promotional codes
  • The fixed amount determined at the beginning of the campaign
  • Amount per engagement (Like or comment)

Most influencers will accept a partnership with your hotel in exchange for 2 nights, with no additional compensation. 

How to organize the stay of influencers in your hotel?

Once they arrive at your hotel, you need to take care of the influencer and give them an immersive experience in your hotel.

  • Plan a program with activities in and around your hotel. The whole environment around your hotel can inspire the influencer (a typical shop in your area, a cobbled street, a florist, or a beach). He can convey an atmosphere that makes his followers want to stay in your hotel even more.
  • Give them some free time to share what they’ve done on Instagram
  • Offer them unlimited wifi access so that they can share their experience with their followers throughout their stay
  • Organize a photo shoot with a professional photographer in your hotel so that the influencer can post beautiful photos of your hotel on his Instagram and get more likes for him and visibility for you. 


You have all the keys in hand to succeed in your future collaboration with influencers! 

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