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Is it possible to reconcile sustainable hospitality with customer comfort?

Sustainable development is a conception of development that takes a long-term perspective and integrates environmental and social constraints into the economy. Like many sectors of the market, the hotel industry is committed to sustainable development.

How do hotels manage to not impact the customer experience?

For some time now, hotel groups have decided to remove single-use plastic items from their rooms and many areas of their establishments. By aligning themselves with the laws of many countries regarding sustainable development, they increase their environmental responsibility and gain ground in terms of customers.

A new responsible customer base.

According to a 2018 survey of 72,000 Hilton guests, 33% of guests preferred hotels with social and environmental commitments. Among guests under the age of 25, the figure rose to 44%. Thus, involvement in a hotel’s social, environmental, and ethical programs would be a huge value-add. These are now criteria sought after and requested by customers.

Women and young customers are the most interested in sustainable development. They are willing to pay more for a room in an eco-friendly establishment. However, the degree of commitment is not always decisive in a room reservation. Indeed, comfort is still a must.

To be able to keep its commitments over time.

According to the NGO International Tourism Partnership (ITP), this implementation of an eco-responsible policy remains delicate and implies communication. The decision must be well thought out and properly explained.

To obtain more reservations by highlighting this added value, to engage in a new market, or to encourage its clientele to make a collective effort on a subject that concerns the whole world. Some hotels have implemented sustainable design projects such as investing in automatic thermostats.

In conclusion, eco-responsibility and hotel comfort can go hand in hand if they are well-implemented and communicated. It is therefore interesting to look at it as a customer but also as a hotelier. Remember that sustainable development is a worldwide topic that is becoming more and more serious as time goes by.

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