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Which actions for a more ecological hotel?

Did you know that two out of three hotel guests would be willing to pay more for services that respect ecological practices and environmental protection?

The hotel clientele is more and more sensitive to establishments oriented towards ecotourism and committed to the environment. Sustainable development is now part of everyone’s daily life and hotel and B&B guests are increasingly considering eco-friendly hotels when choosing their establishment during their trip. By opting for the concept of ecological hotels, they expect concrete actions that are part of an eco-responsible tourism approach.

To guarantee a successful customer experience, discover some ideas and simple green actions to put in place to make your establishment more sustainable.

1. In the hotel

Use low-energy lamps

Use timers for less frequented areas

Install recycling containers in common areas

Choose non-toxic cleaning products, disinfectants, and paints

Use recycled paper

Favor dematerialized communication with your clients.

2. In the bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the easiest places in the hotel to convert. Cosmetics and cleaning products are used in large numbers. The good news is that there are many eco-friendly alternatives:

Replace plastic cups with glass ones and wooden toothbrushes;

Equip showers and faucets with flow regulators;

Opt for an eco-responsible zero waste and zero-plastic cosmetic solution;

Install refillable shampoo and shower gel dispensers with wall brackets.

3. In the rooms

Use wooden keycards

Clean the rooms with ecological products

Don’t change the sheets systematically every day and explain the process to your clients

Equip rooms with energy savers that turn off the lights when the room is unoccupied.

4. In the restaurant area

Use seasonal and local products

Choose fair trade products (coffee for example)

Choose bulk products rather than individually wrapped products

Prefer table service rather than all-you-can-eat buffets that cause food waste

5. Save water and limit pollution

In a hotel, the average water consumption is 300 liters per night, twice as much as at home. The cost of high water consumption and its ecological consequences can be controlled with a few simple tips:

Install a rainwater harvesting system;

Use shower heads with an ecological flow;

Respect the recommended doses of products, in particular for the maintenance of your swimming pool;

Prefer washing clothes at 30°.

You can propose a multitude of environmental actions and develop a real customer experience by developing activities around sustainable tourism. You will thus enhance your brand image while strengthening your reputation and therefore your business in the hotel market.

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